Agapi Business Club

A Boat Club network for an active business life

For business professionals

Is it possible to combine boating with business? Yes, here’s how.

Agapi Business Club is a network for professionals who value networking, want to create more business, arrange events and socialize with customers and employees in a marine environment. By subscribing to a membership in Agapi Business Club, your company gets access to our premium boats and networking activities all year round.

Agapi Business Club’s benefits

In addition to access to our fleet and exciting events, Business Club members receive a comprehensive boating education through Agapi Academy. As a first step a 3 hours onboarding training with one of our experienced instructors is mandatory. Here you learn how our boats work and get to practice a few important situations at sea while being responsible for your crew. Secondly, you will learn all about Agapi’s routines and get access to our e-learning platform. We offer you the possibility to add more captains to your membership which gives them also access to Agapi Business Club’s benefits.

Access to premium boats

All year round access to our fleet of premium motor boats.Carefully selected boats (6-14m) catering for all needs and abilities.

A boat for every need

Our fleet includes both motor and e-power boats, choose a boat model for your specific need on each occasion.

Networking events

Interesting lecturers, networking and a relaxing marine atmosphere. As an added bonus, bring 2 guests on each occasion.

Book a Captain

Book one of our experienced Captains so you can fully focus on your business and your customers instead.

Access to our partner network

We have specially selected partners that can offer you quality-assured and unforgettable experiences at sea.

Hassle-free boating life

We take care of the boats. You focus on creating the right conditions for the meetings with your business contacts and employees.

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Access to all boats and locations. Zero hassle. Memberships from 2500€ a year

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