Unique investment opportunity
for Category B, C and D members


50 Investment tickets of 100 KSEK each (with current exchange rate approximately 9.2 KEUR, max three tickets per member) available on a first come, first serve basis. This investment opportunity is based on a convertible loan offering with a 30% discount on share price, to be part of Agapi’s preparations for a larger expansion during 2023 – 2024.
Agapi will honour a one-to-one Cash-point compensation as a unique opportunity in this investment, where 50% can be used for renewals and 100% for upgrades. I.e. if you invest 200 KSEK (approx. 18.4 KEUR), you get the same amount back in Agapi Cash-points. As an equity member of Agapi Boat Club, you will also benefit from our long term shareholder discount.

– First come, first serve.
– Max 300 KSEK per member.
– Investment towards a convertible (30% discount against next share issue, currently aimed at an evaluation of 200 MSEK, with 8% yearly interest) only open until December 1, 2022.
– If the final valuation will be below 130 MSEK, the discount rate decrease gradually and the share price in this conversion will be equal to the last share issue in 2021 at 14.27 SEK/share (corresponding to a 90 MSEK valuation).
– For each 100 KSEK in investment, we give back the same amount in Agapi Cash-points to be used according to the below ways: up to 50% for future renewals or 100% for all kind of upgrades.
If you are interested, please fill in the form on this page and we will get in touch with you, or send an email to Peder Asplund (Sweden) or Kristian Sandberg (Mallorca) for more information.