What is Axopar – Agapi Boat Club?

The Axopar – Agapi Boat Club strategic partnership offers unique access to boating on a global scale. With one membership boaters can enjoy a fleet of boats in any of the Axopar – Agapi Boat Club locations around the world and the Axopar dealerships are the foundation for this expansion. Each new established Club becomes part of the global network offering members a true adventure boating experience. The potential market growth is not only in selling boats or club memberships, but in the combination of both. Members pay a yearly fee and get unlimited access to a fleet ranging from 6m to 14m. A variety of subscription plans enables the members to choose among different categories of boats and different levels of service. All the subscription plans offer the same basic principles – premium boats professionally maintained and easy to book online. All wrapped in a strong Club culture with focus on respect and responsibility to enable an excelling experience.