Make one of the world’s leading electric boats your own – and get a fleet of other boats included

Our latest offer solves two of the problems that leading electric boat manufacturers struggle with: being able to deliver to those who want and at an affordable price.

Candela C-8

Candela C-8 is a unique boat. Ask anyone you want from all the boat world’s testers and journalists or ask our members who got to try it before we booked the C-8 to the Agapi Boat Club. Our own members enjoyed it so much that they gave the candela C-8 20 points out of a possible 10.

It is difficult to describe in words the feeling of completely uncomplicatedly moving forward at 22 knots with no more noise than wind noise and almost magically untouched by waves. Despite or perhaps thanks to its unique technology, the Candela C8 is incredibly easy to drive. For those who are curious about the technology of the future but concerned about the risk of it not working as hoped, a membership that gives access to Candela C8 is a unique opportunity.

We are now launching a membership that includes the Candela C-8. There are a total of 10 memberships reserved and they also include all other member boats in category A, B and C. It is of course possible for C members to upgrade their membership to include the Candela C-8. In addition to regular memberships, an opportunity for companies and entrepreneurs is also being launched. There are a total of 5 corporate memberships reserved. The price for them is SEK 185,000 ex VAT and gives the company or entrepreneur unique opportunities, which we are happy to tell you more about.

If you want to give yourself, your family or your company the opportunity to fly over the water with the world’s currently most energy-efficient boat and at the same time have what is practically unlimited access to a fleet of the best models from leading boat brands, then it is only with Agapi Boat Club. In addition to having everything where you live, you have your own fleet of boats wherever Agapi Boat Club is located. Having an exclusive unique and carefree boating life has never been easier or cost less.


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