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By studying all trips, our members preference confirm the possibility of converting to electric.

Electric boats can handle 95% of the trips.

As a frontrunner in sustainable boating, Agapi is committed to investing in electric vessels. Next year, our fleets will include several electric boat models, including the longest-range electric boat on the market, Candela C-8.

While there’s a common belief that electric boats lack the range to handle our daily driving needs, our user data suggest that range anxiety at sea is unnecessary.

At Agapi Boat Club, we gather data on all trips that our members undertake in the Club boats. Of all the trips ranging from a couple of hours to several weeks made by members in Stockholm, 95% were less than 50 nautical miles.

In Mallorca, the bulk (86%) of members go to a nearby “cala” for lunch and swimming. These trips are shorter than 20 nautical miles allowing our members to choose our local X Shore Eelex 8000. Only 1,7% of our member trips are longer than 50 nautical miles per day in Agapi’s combustion engine boats.

With a practical range of around 50 nautical miles, our Stockholm-based Candela C-8 will thus cover almost all trips undertaken in combustion engines boats. A one-day 75 nautical mile round trip to the outer archipelago island Sandhamn and back will be feasible in Candela C-8, given a 2-hour lunch stop for charging in Sandhamn.

At Agapi, we will offer the perfect eco-system to cater for and enable a broader usage for electrical boats. CEO, Peder Asplund have now reached agreements with our close partners at our two main marinas, Biskopsudden’s Marina in the heart of Stockholm and Port Calanova in Palma de Mallorca, to facilitate what we will call “Green Corners”. These areas will create a required eco-system offering charging capacity for our growing fleet of electrical boats.

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We are now launching a membership that includes the Candela C-8. There are a total of 10 memberships reserved and they also include all other member boats in category A, B and C. It is of course possible for C members to upgrade their membership to include the Candela C-8. In addition to regular memberships, an opportunity for companies and entrepreneurs is also being launched. There are a total of 5 corporate memberships reserved. The price for them is SEK 185,000 ex VAT and gives the company or entrepreneur unique opportunities, which we are happy to tell you more about.

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