Mana 23

Boat category B - Electric

Technical information

Boat information



7.00 m
2.30 m
0.25 m

Top speed:

Torqueedo Cruise
Max 10 kw
190 ah
7 knots

Boat information

Length: 7.00 m
Beam: 2.30 m
Draft: 0.25 m
Passengers: 12


Model: Torqeedo Cruise
Type: Electric
Output: Max 10 kw
Battery: 190 ah
Top speed: 7 knots

Beautiful, silent and electrical

The first boat in the electric journey for Agapi, and you can’t get much better looking than the Rand Mana 23, gorgeous lines, open space, this boat is modern and sexy. The Rands huge social area in front of the driver makes this boat perfect for day trips. The electric Torqeedo 4 KW engine is perfect for cruising in local beauty spots and stopping for a nice lunch. A new silent adventure on the water awaits.

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