Welcome to Agapi Boat Club in Biskopsudden

Biskopsuddens Marina hosts Agapi’s headquarters. It is located where the lush green Djurgården meets the Stockholm outlet and it has a solid history that leads back to the early 1900s when thhhe Royal Swedish Yacht Club had its port here on Biskopsudden. The marina has a mix of leisure boats and yachts and is filled with popular walking paths. Both locals and tourists are happy to visit the marina for its fantastic view and its surroundings.

Levanzo 25

Axopar 28 Cabin

Nimbus T8

Zodiac Medline 9

Finnmaster T7


Agapi 800

Anytec A27 Open

Quarken 27 T-Top

X Shore Eelex 8000

Sacs Strider 800

Quarken 27 Cabin

Finnmaster T8

Services and amenities in this harbour

Biskopsuddens Marina
Biskopsuddens Marina
Biskopsvägen 7
115 21 Stockholm
+468 611 8114

Information and sales
Stefan Höglund
+4670 758 6007