Agapi Boat Club´s vision is to ‘make the boating of the few, accessible for the many’, challenging traditional thinking around boating with a world leading subscription service that enables access to top performing premium boats. Agapi Boat Club focus on a new type of boating life highlighting freedom, simplicity and sustainability through boat sharing. We also join forces with the top leading electric boat brands to drive this transition towards more sustainable boating and make the newest technology more accessible.

To transform boating into a more sustainable industry long term is one of Agapi’s core missions, and we do this by looking at the entire ecosystem, starting from the modern boater, boat manufacturers, the marinas and the environment. By combining our sharing concept for premium boating with the introduction of e-power boats, Agapi is driving the disruption and accelerating a sustainable business model in the boat market.

The company started off with a boat charter operations which quickly evolved in 2010 into designing and building their own Agapi boat brand resulting in a family of internationally awarded boats. Since the launch of their first boat, Agapi have been setting a new course in boating. Innovation in design, performance and functionality enabled Agapi to conquer the hearts of boat experts across the globe with an unbeatable versatile boat.

After a successful test bed in Sweden between 2015-2016, offering the possibility to enjoy premium boating without the traditional “musts” around owning and maintenance, Agapi Boat Club was launched commercially in 2017. The company was a pioneer in the boating sector offering an end-to-end membership concept with a clear aim in sight: to create a better, smarter and more sustainable boating experience than traditional boating could offer.

Today, Agapi is at the forefront in the area of subscription economy in premium boating offering a wide portfolio of membership solutions. Agapi has the track record, the expertise, and the passion to continue to lead and challenge the boating industry into a new paradigm shift.

Agapi Boat Club Milestones


Launch Agapi Boat Club


100 members


Launch Franchise concept


Partnership with premium boat brands


Launch e-boats in the fleet


Franchise Club start-ups


Axopar partnership


Franchise expansion

Access to all boats and locations. Zero hassle. Memberships from 2.500€ a year

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