13-09-2023: Axopar and Agapi Boat Club set sail on a global expansion of their Adventure Boat Club.

With one membership you will be able to go boating at any Axopar x Agapi Boat Club location anywhere in the world in the future.

[13-09-2023] – 

Axopar Boats and Agapi are today launching a new premium membership program, the Axopar x Agapi Boat Club, offering a membership concept for boating worldwide. This partnership combines the experience of an established boat club with Axopar’s global presence, comprising over 110 dealer locations. Together, they aim to create a global network of boat clubs, giving customers the choice between owning a boat, a club membership or a combination of both.

The first three club locations in Europe revealed perfectly timed for the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023, Axopar x Agapi Boat Club is happy to unveil their first locations on the French and Spanish Riviera. These three clubs are located in Empuria Brava and Menorca Spain, and St Tropez, France, with more global locations to be announced in the coming months.

Jan-Erik Viitala, Founding Partner at Axopar Boats, expressed his enthusiasm, stating,” With our membership club, we’re pioneering a hassle-free, global adventure boating experience, and we’re thrilled to welcome more Axoparians on the water. Our investment in Agapi – a seasoned player in the circular economy and sharing concept – comes after seven years of their expertise. Agapi Boat Club, with its shared vision and proven progress in building a boating community, is the perfect partner for this journey. We’re here to elevate the development, offering premium boats that ignite the adventurous spirit of our members within their chosen fleet. We will offer memberships that give customers access to our boat models ranging from 22 – 45 feet depending upon the chosen membership category.”

Peder Asplund, Founding Partner and CEO of Agapi Boat Club, also shared his excitement, saying, “We are proud to announce the next phase of our journey. Our objective has always been to spread the joy of boating to as many people as possible. By establishing a global network of boat clubs with Axopar and their dealers, we are not only making boating more accessible for more people but also creating a platform for a new kind of lifestyle where you can choose the boat and destination of your choice all year around.”

Being a member in Axopar x Agapi Boat Club is similar to being a member in a premium golf club with clear club rules and a strong community culture based on the core values respect and responsibility. The flexible booking principle, access to a variety of premium boats in different sizes, and access to a global network of attractive destination are some examples of the unique full service concept. A mandatory and comprehensive onboarding process assures that the club can secure boats in premium condition and superior availability resulting in an extraordinary member satisfaction.

A membership is a good alternative for those searching for care free boating without the cost and all the work and attention boat ownership requires. The clubs handle everything for their members, keeping the boats ready to go and providing full concierge services upon request.

As a member you will have access to any of our current and future locations worldwide and you will not be restrained to your membership home port. For example, with a membership in Stockholm, you can also travel and enjoy boating in Ibiza or any of our other exotic locations.

Becoming a member is easy. Simply select the membership that aligns with your boating experience, needs, and preferences of our 22 to 45 foot range. We offer a personalised experience guiding you through the entire process. You will have the possibility to upgrade to a bigger boat category at any time as your experience level grows.

In an era of increasing interest towards electrified boats, the Axopar x Agapi boat club will also place the first Axopar electric boats into the club. This will attract both new people out on the water as well as existing member wishing to try out electric boating, which will give us important input for further product development.

Unlock a world of global adventure boating with Axopar x Agapi Boat Club (AxA)

1. Do I need to be experienced to join the AxA boat club? You don’t need to be an experienced boater to join our club even though most members are. We ensure that every member get professional and personalised onboarding and even boat specific training sessions, ensuring confidence and safety for all members.

2. What is the cost of an AxA boat club membership? A membership ranges from about 4,000 to 35,000 EUR annually, depending on your chosen category or range of boats. The membership runs for 12 month and automatically renews and you can choose between yearly or monthly payments.

3. What boats are available? AxA boat clubs feature, depending on location, a diverse range of Axopars. Additionally, AxA members will also gain access to the Agapi Boat Club locations and their range of boats, where they offer a wide selection of other brands like Candela, Anytec and X Shore, among others.

4. How do I book a boat: Booking your next boating adventure is easy through the user-friendly app that include all the information you need. The club offers flexible booking options allowing reservations ranging from one hour up to one week.

5. I’m already an Axopar owner, can I also join AxA boat club? Yes, you can join either with a complimentary membership or, potentially by adding your existing boat to the club.

6. Do you have more questions?: If you have more enquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at You can also read more about the club at

A vast network of Axopar x Agapi Boat Clubs will be continuously expanded to key boating destinations around the world, and we have strong ambitions to grow this network into more than 200 centers by 2030, combining Axopar dealerships and Agapi Boat Club expansion together.

Stay tuned for more information and developments during fall and BOOT24 in Düsseldorf, January 2024.

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About Axopar

Axopar, the adventure company, is one of the fastest-growing boat brands in the world. The success derives from the “one boat, one world” concept. It stands for boats that are multi-functional and accessible for the many, anywhere around the world. As a forerunner committed to continuous innovation, the company listens to its global community of Axoparians and shares the same respect and passion for nature. Axopar’s mission is to open new perspectives by bringing people out on the water and creating boats that make waves in the boating industry.

About Agapi Boat Club

Agapi Boat Club is a part of Agapi Boating AB, a privately owned company founded in 2006 by Peder Asplund and Alejandra Levinas Asplund, with its Headquarter in Stockholm. Since its early days, Agapi’s vision has been to create a new type of boating life focusing on freedom, simplicity and sustainability. The membership boating offer became the main focus of the company in 2016 and is now a club concept that offers a dream boating life with access to a best-in-class fleet accessible in the most attractive harbours. Agapi Boat Club is currently established in six countries with its biggest operation based in Stockholm and Palma de Mallorca.


06-07-2023: Brothers Ocean merge with Agapi Boat Club in Ibiza

Discover new waters in Ibiza and Formentera

[06-07-2023] – 


Agapi Boat Club, a pioneer in membership boating, expands its reach by merging with Brothers Ocean in Ibiza. This strategic alliance empowers club members to embark on extraordinary boating adventures spanning the entire Balearic region. 

[06-07-2023] -  Brothers Ocean, a maritime start-up driven by a passion for boating, sustainability, and freedom, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Agapi Boat Club. The company will continue under its new name, Agapi Boat Club Ibiza. The pioneering collaboration is driven by a shared mission to grant members unrestricted boating freedom and an unparalleled experience in the world’s most desirable destinations. Since its start in 2021, Brothers Ocean has quickly established itself as the leading membership boat club in Ibiza. Now, through an exciting partnership with Agapi Boat Club, a trailblazer in subscription-based boating with an expansive network spanning approximately 40 hubs across Mallorca, Menorca, Marbella, Malta, Crete, Sweden, Finland, and the UK, Agapi Boat Club Ibiza is taking its offering to new heights.  

The merger of Brothers Ocean with Agapi Boat Club ensures a seamless integration of operations, delivering both existing as well as new members consistent and exceptional boating experience with unmatched boat availability. In addition, Brothers Ocean members will benefit from new technology, including a user-friendly booking platform and a dedicated members app. These innovative tools aimed at enhancing the overall boating experience, making it easier to plan, book and manage boat trips with convenience and efficiency.    

Members of Agapi Boat Club Ibiza will continue to enjoy access to a premium subscription boat club, granting them the pleasures of boating with maximum flexibility at a fraction of the cost off traditional ownership. Now with Agapi Boat Club’s diverse range of membership plans and boat models to choose from, members can personalize their experience to align with their preferences and relish the ultimate boating freedom within all Agapi Boat Club’s locations.  The existing fleet will be incorporated into Agapi Boat Club Ibiza and consists of two 11-meter dayboats equipped with Mercury engines. Further information about the local boats and harbors can be found in the Agapi App and website.  

In response to the new partnership, Danny Tournier, Founder and Director of Brothers Ocean, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Our fusion with Agapi Boat Club signifies a remarkable milestone for us. By combining our shared values, passion for boating, and commitment to innovation and sustainability, we are forging a dynamic synergy that will further revolutionize the traditional boating industry. We are delighted to bring our local expertise in Ibiza into Agapi’s expansive network, providing our local members, as well as those from other regions, with elevatedboating experiences amidst the breath-taking settings of Ibiza and Formentera.”   

Peder Asplund, CEO of Agapi Boat Club, added, “We are delighted to welcome Brothers Ocean to the Agapi Boat Club family. Ibiza is a stunning addition to our club locations, and we eagerly anticipate the success of Brothers Ocean in bringing the Agapi Boat Club concept to this attractive Mediterranean destination and are thrilled to now have boating hubs in the most sought-after destinations in the Balearic region with Menorca, Mallorca and now Ibiza. This creates a great base for our plan on expansion in Spain.”        

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28-03-2023: MemberBoats Club partners with Agapi Boat Club to take its Membership boat club concept to a new level 

Malta Laguna Harbour

MemberBoats Club, Malta’s only boat club, has partnered with Agapi Boat Club, pioneers in subscription boating services, to offer a smarter way for boaters to enjoy all the pleasures of premium boating. The alignment of MemberBoats Club with the Agapi Boat Club, which already boasts a network of plus 30 centres based in; Sweden, Finland, UK, Crete and Spain creates a powerful and unique proposition for the newest base of Agapi Boat Club; attracting a wide range of interest from new boating entrants, corporates and ‘born again boaters’ who in past have rejected the time pressures, cost and responsibilities of owning and maintaining a boat but who now want to get back to the boating life they loved.

Commenting on the partnership with the Agapi Boat Club, Alexandre von Heeren, Founder of MemberBoats Club said “Partnering with an established, premium brand with a strong reputation for excellence, MemberBoats | Agapi Boat Club Malta will truly reflect our ethos and values. Agapi Boat Club provides the perfect fit.” He continued “Agapi offers the kind of club we aspired to run and the cutting-edge service systems to back it. We found many shared values between our two organisations including our ambition to offer a more sustainable way of boating, a requirement for professionalism, respect for customers, staff and suppliers and a deep understanding of what delivering a first-class service means.” 

Responding to these comments Agapi’s CEO, Peder Asplund said “We are a fast-growing company expanding to new attractive boating locations – but we want to grow with the right partners. MemberBoats Club’s cultural values mirror those of our own and we particularly value their company’s ambition, commercial agility and respect for the environment. We could not have chosen a more fitting partner to bring the Agapi Boat Club concept to Malta and we look forward to the success of the MemberBoats | Agapi Boat Club Malta.”

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16-03-2023: Axopar Boats invests in Agapi Boat Club to establish premium membership boat clubs worldwide

Peder Asplund, Founder & CEO Agapi Boat Club with Jan-Erik Viitala Founding partner Axopar Boats

Axopar Boats Oy, the Finnish boat company that has rapidly become a global success story and the biggest outboard boat manufacturer in the Nordics, invests in Swedish Agapi Boating AB, which, over the last six years, has created a unique boating experience for its members through Agapi Boat Club. 

With this investment, Axopar Boats is taking a 10% stake in Agapi Boating, becoming one of its larger shareholders with an option to increase its ownership in the future.

Within the strategic partnership, the new Axopar – Agapi Boat Club will be established, offering a unique premium membership experience that will enable access to boating on a global scale, without the need to own your own boat. For the first time ever, boaters can, with one membership, gain access to a fleet of boats in any one of the Axopar -Agapi Boat Club locations  around the world.

Axopar,  together with the Agapi Boat Club, aspires to offer unique opportunities to go boating even in the farthest corners of the globe and the Axopar dealerships will be the foundation for the expansion of more Axopar – Agapi  boat clubs in the future. The potential market growth is not only in selling boats or club memberships, but  the combination of both.

Jan-Erik Viitala, Founding Partner of Axopar Boats, states: “This is the perfect opportunity for our network of 110 dealers in over 50 countries to expand their businesses, utilizing their existing fleet of boats to reach out to curious new boaters. The boat clubs will also be beneficial for our existing +5500 Axopar owners around the world who can also sign up for a membership that takes their adventures even further. Working closely together with Agapi, we aspire to take boating to a new level of experience and adventure while expanding our brand to a new community of Axoparians globally. Our mutual mission is to bring more people out on the water.

Peder Asplund, Founder and CEO of Agapi Boat Club, states: “This partnership is simply a great match of two pioneering and innovative companies combining their strengths in a unique way. Axopar is a dream partner as their company values and brand DNA are completely aligned with ours. Together, we will not only bring adventure boating to a new level, but also accelerate the transition towards more sustainable boating. With our common focus on E-power and the development of Axopar’s smaller range of electric boats will give our members the possibility to choose the most sustainable alternative for their trip. This is simply the future of boating today.”  

Axopar – Agapi Boat Club

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28-03-2023: MemberBoats Club partners with Agapi Boat Club to take its Membership boat club concept to a new level 

08-03-2022: Agapi Boat Club and Navionics® partner up to make boating easier, safer and more fun

Driven by the same ambition to help more people dare to explore exciting new waters and destinations in a safe and fun way, Agapi Boat Club and Navionics are announcing their cooperation.

Agapi Boat Club will include, and integrate, the world leading navigation app Navionics into their Club membership supporting their concept “Agapi Routes” which is a collection of routes and destinations around all the boat club´s growing 30 harbours in five countries. By integrating the Navionics app into the eco-system of Agapi, members will not only be able to enjoy a safer way of navigation in their home-region, but also awake the curiosity to get to know new attractive destinations in a safe way.

Navionics® manufactures electronic charts and is part of Garmin. Garmin’s products have revolutionized the lives of fishermen, sailors, boaters and other boat enthusiasts around the world. Garmin is dedicated to its work to develop the most innovative, easy-to-use and high-quality marine products. Now Agapi Boat Club will offer Navionics® it to all members complimentary, to enable safer, simpler and fun navigation on familiar and new waters.

Read the news release on the link here

12-01-2022: Innovative Swedish companies Agapi Boat Club, X Shore and Candela join forces to make the future of boating more sustainable

Peder Asplund, Founder & CEO Agapi Boat Club with Gustav Hasselskog, Founder & CEO Candela at Candela’s factory at Lidingö, Stockholm.

Agapi Boat Club (, the Stockholm-based membership boating club leading the sharing economy of premium boats across Europe, have partnered with Candela (, the creators of hydrofoiling electric boats and X Shore (, behind a game-changing generation of fully-electric, connected boats, with both boat brands flagships joining the Agapi Boat Club fleet.

Jenny Keisu, CEO X Shore with Peder Asplund, CEO & Founder Agapi Boat Club at X Shore´s factory in Frihamnen, Stockholm.

Read the full press announcement here: PR_AgapiBoatClub_XShore_Candela

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