For you who wish to enjoy all of the unique advantages Agapi Boat Club offers with unlimited boating, access to the most attractive destinations worldwide as well as to a fleet of premium boats with the latest technology. Building on the same flexibility and feeling of owning your own boat but adding several dimensions making membership boating the natural choice for more and more people. Membership boating is different to owning and depending on your life style, this could be a better solution for you. Agapi customizes your yearly membership (12 months) depending on;


  • Your choice of boats (we have four categories, A-D) where you choose the category of preference where all smaller categories are included in your membership 
  • Your choice of services where we have different service levels from Bronze to Gold
  • Unlimited amount of spontaneous booking days with about 98% availability 
  • Your choice of pre-booking capacity giving you a customized availability where most members start with two (2) so called planned days.

Want to learn more? Contact us for a personal meeting or take a first glance at our pricelists here. Book a meeting with a certified Agapi membership mentor to understand what membership that will fit you best


Regular Membership

PayGo Membership

Business Membership