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Choose the Boat Club membership that best suits your needs and budget. Our price calculator can help you customize your ideal membership based on location, boat model, usage, and service level. Once you’re happy with your choices, hit the “contact me” button to take the first step to an amazing boating life!


We will book a meeting to guide you through your chosen membership plan and discuss everything you need to know about Agapi Boat Club, our processes, and how it all works in practice. Ready to take the next step? Then sign up to the freedom of a smart and easy boating membership as we welcome you to the Agapi family!


It’s now time to book your compulsory onboarding to Agapi Boat Club with an experienced Agapi boat instructor and your sales contact. During the onboarding, you will learn all about your boat and “The Agapi Way” which covers our processes and procedures for a safe and fun boating life.


As an Agapi Boat Club member you now have access to a new boat every year with the latest technology. Your boat is at the dock, cleaned, filled up, and ready to go all year round! And moreover, you can go boating in a variety of beautiful harbours in multiple locations. Ready to enjoy your new boating life? Book your boat today

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Why a Boat Club membership?

Boating should be easy, fun and fill you with joy. Agapi Boat Club changes everything for those who used to see boating as something too demanding or expensive. A boat club membership is simply the natural choice for modern boaters. Free yourself from maintenance, winter storage, servicing, insurance, cleaning, fueling, paying for a mooring, and financial risks. Join a Boat Club and free yourself from the worst of ownership and instead gives you the best of being at sea. You focus on the fun – leave the hassle to us.
Start from your home harbour or from any of our other centres across Europe. Enjoy as many boating days as you want. A Boat Club membership delivers year-round boating season. The decision to give up boat ownership can be difficult, but once you take the leap, your boating life becomes so much easier.

How often can I use the boat?

Agapi Boat Club offers you unlimited boating days and we take pride in giving members the opportunity to get onboard all year round. We all have different priorities, but we want you to have the same access to boating you would have if you owned a boat yourself – the flexibility to hit the water any time, any day. All year round or strictly summer, whatever works for you. And if a busy life leaves you limited opportunity, we have special memberships with reduced fees.
Once you become a member, you can enjoy unlimited boating. Our “spontaneous bookings” can be made within 48 hours of departure, and you can book the boat in slots of 1-24 hours. Spontaneous bookings are unlimited and included in all Agapi Boat Club memberships.

What does it cost?

We’d rather talk about the perceived improved value Agapi Boat Club gives their members. Our commitment is to offer you a better boating life compared to traditional ways of owning a boat. Based on our experience, a Boat Club membership is approximately 70% less costly than boat ownership.
Our price calculator will help you find your ideal membership based on your boating needs and budget. The price you get from the calculator is based on the choices you made, for a final quotation please get in touch with Agapi. All memberships run on a yearly basis but you can choose to pay per month.

Will I have the boat when I want to?

Ensuring that boats are available to members is our main priority. Our advanced booking system, including waiting list functionality, a fair allocation among our members and a smart distribution of our fleet make it possible. In addition, to this, we monitor our data regularly and actively apply a member-to-boat ratio to optimize availability.
Included in all Agapi Boat Club memberships is one planned booking which gives you the chance to book well in advance to secure access on a specific date or boat model. Once you complete a planned booking, it resets in the system so you can use it again to secure your next outing! If you want to make multi-day bookings, you can buy as many additional planned bookings as you want.

Agapi Academy

Agapi Academy is the educational unit within Agapi, with the aim to make boating safer and more fun. The first contact that all our members have with Agapi Academy is during the “Onboarding” training when they become a member. The onboarding is an introduction course to Agapi’s Boat Club world, our routines and a way to ensure sufficient knowledge and ability to drive our boats in a safe and careful way.

Agapi Routes

As a member of Agapi Boat Club you get instant access to a continued growing number of pre-loaded and amazing boating sites in the palm of your hand! Our recommended destinations are always located around our Agapi Boat Club Harbours, some well known, others more of hidden gems. Everything from natural harbours, seal colonies, restaurants and snorkling sites.
Agapi Routes is simply about sharing favourite destinations between Agapi friends. Just one click and you are on your way to a destination you’ve never visited before. Safe and fun!

Frequent questions – here the answers!

Yes, anyone can become a member. Our minimum requirement is simply that you have a basic skipper license (in Sweden you need to get a skipper license within the first year of your membership), but you don’t need previous boating experience. Agapi is a premium Boat Club with a fleet of high performance and expensive boats, so the most important thing to us is to build a culture of respect and responsibility among our members. Once you’re part of the Club, we can help you build your nautical skills.

The onboarding process is three hours of practical training on our boats. This is mandatory for all new members, even if you do have previous boating experience. Onboarding ensures that everyone understands and follows Agapi routines and procedures and maintains a safety mindset.

All boats in the fleet are insured by Agapi. In case of an incident, the member pays up to the value of the excess, which is 4,000 EUR. Once the member reports the incident, Agapi takes care of all the rest.

Most members choose to buy our excess reduction fee. This costs between 300-500 EUR, depending on the selected boat in the membership plan, and reduces the excess fee to:

• 500 EUR if the member holds a coastal skipper license
• 900 EUR if the member holds a basic skipper license (required in most countries)
• 1,600 EUR if the member does not hold a license

The membership fee is the yearly cost for access to the boats, according to the options you select. The only extra payment while using the boats is to cover for the fuel you consume. Also, your membership fee includes a 50 hour engine usage allowance (70h in the UK). If you exceed that limit you simply pay a service cost for each extra 10 engine hours.
In the first year of membership you will be charged for the onboarding as a one-off additional fee (see local price list).
If you would like, you can add an excess reduction to your membership (see “How does the insurance work”).
Apart from these fees, there are no extra costs to consider when setting up your membership.

We have Agapi Centres in places as varied as Scandinavia and the Mediterranean. As you would expect, the boating never stops in warmer latitudes. But even in Scandinavia, we offer all-year boating, as long the harbour is ice-free. Our season lasts all year, and members can use the boats whenever they like and whenever the weather conditions allow it. We have boats equipped with heaters and radars to cater for comfort and safety during the winter boating season in Sweden and the UK.

No, you can’t select a certain month or set of months for membership. The membership is a full 365-day rolling period from your starting date. However, we offer lower rates for those who choose weekdays only or low-season access to boats. If you have a busy schedule and limited time for boating, you might want to consider our Pay-Go membership, welcome to contact us.

When you use the boat, your exact fuel consumption is logged to your digital profile. You do not need to refuel the boat to 100% after each boat trip but you need to make sure you leave the boat with a minimum 50% fuel level. At check-out, you need to register if you have filled up the boat so your personal fuel balance account remains correct.

Yes, as a member you access Agapi boats in other regions when you travel. We encourage our members to contact the local office to check and understand differences in local procedures, operations or safety requirements. If not included in your membership, there is an extra fee for using the boat in a location other than your home region.

Yes, you can add family members of age 18 and older and residing at the same address. The extra skipper will also need to take the onboarding training to be activated in your membership, contact us if you want to know more.

With your member login you can book the boats from your smartphone at any time. Book a boat in advance for e.g. a full 24-hour slot (from 10:00-10:00 am the following day) by using a “Planned day” included in all memberships. Or, search for availability within 48 hours of departure and make a “Spontaneous booking” of 1-24 hours slots. Spontaneous bookings also included in all memberships, are unlimited and reusable. If you’d like to book multiple consecutive Planned days, you can add this feature to you membership.

There are no limits to the number of bookings you can do. Your membership includes 50 engine hours (70h in the UK), but if you exceed that, you simply pay a service fee for each extra 10 engine hours.

It’s okay if you are new too boating, so long as you hold a skipper license (or for Sweden, get one during your first membership year). With the onboarding training we provide, you will quickly get comfortable using our boats. If you are new to boating, you will start getting experience with our smaller boats, and over time upgrade to larger models.

You can pay the yearly fee as a single payment or you can choose to pay monthly (12 installments) by credit card. The onboarding cost is paid separately at the start of your membership.

For us, a boating membership has two benefits. First, it gives you total control of your boating costs – none of the surprises owners face with service costs, repairs, insurance, depreciation, and more. And second, you get continuity – the certainty of hassle-free boating for as long as you like. Simply sign up for a membership and, if you don’t opt out, your renewal is as seamless as any other of the other subscriptions in your daily life.

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