Try out Agapi Boat Club in the Swedish West Coast

Try out our Saxdor 320 with home harbour in Amundö Marina, by Nya Hovås, south of Gothenburg.

Agapi’s autumn offer is now alive!

From 1/8, 2023 we offer you the opportunity to signup to our fall campaign and try out Agapi Boat Club until 15/4, 2024.

You can either join in August or from September first and enjoy boating in Sweden during late summer, autumn and winter where we have an fleet of premium cabin boats. We also offer access to a boating life in our ports around the Mediterranean, get in touch with us so we can tell you more.

Prices below in SEK including VAT. Terms and conditions based on 2023 price list.

Boat categoryPrices from
(starting 1/8,2023)
Prices from
(starting 1/9,2023)
Category A (6m)24.000 15.000
Category B (8m)45.00025.000
Category C (10m)75.00040.000

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