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Agapi Boat Club’s fleet consists of the best boat brands in different segments such as Anytec, DeAntonio Yachts, Saxdor and of course our own brand Agapi. We manage them in our Club fleet and after 1-5 years we replace them with new ones, we call these boats “Agapi Approved Club Boats”. As we continuously update our fleet across all our harbours, we have a number of Approved Club boats for sale in different countries.

All our boats undergo regular maintenance and service routines which means that we have a deep knowledge of each boat model in our fleet. Of this reason, we can offer a special warranty of one (1) year for any of our “Agapi Approved Club Boats” that we sell including the engine. These boats are either sold in the same old fashion as any other second-hand boat in the market or, Agapi offers you the option to buy some of our boats as “Agapi Private Club Boat” (PCB). However, not all boats are available for becoming PCB, it will depend on the boat model and location.

Agapi’s Private Club Boat is an alternative way to own a boat in a smarter set-up allowing you to both enjoy all the benefits of having a boat as well as all the benefits from a membership in Agapi Boat Club. Our revenue sharing system means when you are not using the boat, it can be earning you money as part of our Club fleet. Read more about our PCB proposal here or please contact us for more information

The following boats are currently available for sale

STOCKHOLM Agapi 800 #009 Yamaha 300 hp 525 hours 2017 812.500 SEK
Agapi 800 #018 Yamaha 300 hp 840 hours 2018 850.000 SEK
Agapi 800 #025 Yamaha 300 hp 360 hours 2019 950.000 SEK
Agapi 950 #020 Yamaha 2×200 hp 780 hours 2017 1.220.000 SEK
Saxdor 200 #001 Mercury 175 hp 190 hours 2020 510.000 SEK
Saxdor 200 #007 Mercury 150 hp ~100 hours 2020 450.000 SEK
Saxdor 200 #010 Mercury 115 hp ~90 hours 2020 395.000 SEK
Agapi 950 #022 Yamaha 2×200 hp 900 hours 2017 1.110.000 SEK
MALLORCA Agapi 950 #024 Yamaha 2×225 hp 690 hours 2020 125.000 EUR

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