How to become an Agapi Boat Club member

Customized membership

We customize your Agapi Boat Club membership to best suits your needs and budget. Once you’re happy with your choices, and you get an estimated price, we invite you to hit the “apply” button we contact you for a personal meeting.


We will book a meeting to guide you through our membership plans and discuss everything you need to know about Agapi Boat Club, our routines, and how it all works in practice.  Signing- up to a membership means becoming part of a premium, modern, smart and easy boating life as we welcome you to the Agapi community!


As an Agapi Boat Club member you have access to new boat models every year with the latest technology. Your boat is always at the dock, cleaned, filled up, and ready to go all year round! On top of this, you can go boating in a variety of beautiful harbours in multiple locations. Ready to enjoy your new boating life? 

Why an Agapi Boat Club membership?

Membership boating is growing all over the world and we believe it will overtake traditional ownership by 2030. Many different players have emerged, and this development will continue. At Agapi, we have the ambition to be the leader withing the segment premium membership boating. Membership boating is different to ownership and for some of our members, this fit their lifestyle perfectly. For others, they use their membership as a complement to own a boat. What all our memberships have in common is access to a growing number of attractive destinations all over the world, we call it global roaming – one Membership – one Club. Further on, we only work with the best brands in the different categories so we can offer a variety of premium boats as Axopar, Candela, Anytec and other attractive brands. All year round. Finally, our unique booking principles allow the same freedom as with your own boat, from 1h to 1 month, no restrictions.

This is better than you can imagine!

How often can I use the boat?

We have different memberships depending on your needs but as a general rule, we offer unlimited boating without any extra cost. You only pay for the fuel. Our regular memberships include both a way to plan ahead, and you decide how many planned booking days your membership should include, as well as very appreciated spontaneous booking principle always showing you the availability the coming 24h where you can hit the water whenever for 1-24 hours. Our booking principles mirror a modern boat life and once the local fleet reach a certain size, you can book a boat for weeks or even a month.

What does it cost?

Our memberships range from approximately 3.000 Euros to 35.000 Euros depending on region, boat and type of membership. Based on our experience, a regular membership cost approximately 40% of what it would cost to buy the same boat and keep it privately. But more important than the reduced cost is the increased value as you will in fact get access to a boating life far more comprehensive than traditional ownership. New boats every year with the latest technology in different parts of the world. We pride ourself with an excellent member service so please book a meeting with one of our representatives and we will support you to find the membership that finds your needs best.

Will I have the boat when I want to?

In 2023, we had an availability of +99%. We measure this as a percentage of how many booking intents were successful (we have a queue system where we solve most of the requests). To boast a superior availability is a must for a premium service and our intelligent booking algorithms help us optimize the fleet. As more and more privately owned boat are placed in our fleet, this also helps us manage seasonal peaks to assure a great availability. Further on, you can always adapt your own membership to your own needs.

Agapi Academy

A constant learning is a part of the DNA of Agapi and as we love sharing, we share best practice and knowledge in a way that is accelerating our members boating competence development regardless of previous level. Most of our members are experienced boaters so our focus on constant development, which we call Agapi Academy, is a mix of both advanced

and basic courses, as we also welcome new boaters to our community. A lot of this is done through our E-learning platform but we are also providing extra support in terms of “PT” (personal trainers) with our own staff as well as advanced official courses in close cooperation with local navigation schools. As a part of your membership, we will together create a development plan for you to really maximize the joy at sea.

Agapi Routes

As a member of Agapi Boat Club you get instant access to a continued growing number of pre-loaded and amazing boating sites in the palm of your hand! Our recommended destinations are always located around our Agapi Boat Club Harbours, some well known, others more of hidden gems. Everything from natural harbours, seal colonies, restaurants and snorkling sites.
Agapi Routes is simply about sharing favourite destinations between Agapi friends. Just one click and you are on your way to a destination you’ve never visited before. Safe and fun!

Frequent questions – here the answers!

Normal boating needs/regular memberships:

In our regular memberships, you as a member enjoy unlimited boating without any extra cost apart from the fuel. If you want to, you can go out boating every day of the year, it is included. The regular memberships have three kind of booking principles.


Planned Days is our name for how many 24h slots you can book in advance. As our Silver membership is the most common level, most members enjoy 2 * 24h booking possibilities in the future. As soon as one is used, it pops back to be used again. And again, over and over…


Spontaneous Booking is something all members enjoy, and this means that you can book a boat 1-24h every single day for the coming 24h if there are boats available. This is a very appreciated way to use the slack capacity every day.


As the concept has no limitations, if you have a certain need to book even more, you can do so but then you pay for each booking (24h). We call this Extra Days.


It is true that if you use the boat in an extraordinary way, you may need to pay a little bit extra for additional engine service but for 99% of our members, they never reach that threshold (which is reasonable if you would so).



Extraordinary needs:

For members with a special need where they may need a boat for a month or so, or have extraordinary user habits, the best solution might be to buy a so-called Private Club Boat (PCB) that we will manage. Please find more information about this here.


Occasionally boaters:

For members not using the boat that much, less than approximately six times / year, we have another membership form (PayGo) where each trip has a cost depending on boat model, season and region which will result in a lower yearly cost.

A great availability is a must for a premium service and Agapi Boat Club boasts most likely the best availability of all boat clubs.


Agapi Boat Club measures availability constantly and during July, 2023, we had one unsolved booking out of 554 bookings (i.e. 99,82% availability). Even though we can never promise a 100% availability (nor can privately owned boats) given our sharing concept, our booking algorithms and restricted load factor on the boats, assure an optimal availability.


One should though stress that booking and boating with Agapi Boat Club is different from owning your own boat. You may need to plan a little bit more than having your own boat, but the upsides are vast as the boats are constantly ready to be used, all year around, and with a boat condition of 98,2% (accumulated in 2023, July – definition being 4 or 5 stars out of five at check-in) boating becomes much more available in a different sense. You will understand what we mean – the feeling of knowing that the fleet is constantly clean, fueled up and professionally maintained will inspire you to go boating more than before. For most boaters, they will perfectly understand what we mean. This is a new way of boating.


Finally, it should be noted that it is possible to buy more availability through our “planned days”. This is normally something our members can adjust as they get into the booking logic.

The onboarding is one of the core principles of Agapi Boat Club. It takes 3-5 hours and during this onboarding you will get acquainted with The Agapi Way, the rules and principles assuring everything to work as a clock. This is done through E-learning and a personal meeting (or e-meeting) with your mentor to close the theoretical part. You will also go out with one of our licensed Agapi instructors who will together with you give you an Agapi Merit score based on your experience, theoretical education, and practical skills. This is mandatory for all members, regardless of experience.


Based on this onboarding, you will get access to the different levels and boat models of the fleet.

The Agapi definition of membership boating is quite comprehensive.


Agapi is plowing internationally with a completely new user experience quite different from certain traditional boat clubs with restricted use and fairly simple boats.


Being completely new and groundbreaking, few people really grasp the meaning of the Agapi membership boating and this awareness will take time.


Allow us to try to define this in few words.


Membership boating is different from owning a boat and it will take time to break through the power of ownership. The best way of doing this is by building a service where the user experience is simply more fulfilling even though it might require a little bit more planning.


But it is different. To own a boat has a certain feeling of freedom and one should never underestimate the actual feeling of ownership either. And in all honesty, membership boating is not for everyone so for many customers, ownership might be the best choice. And for these customers, the Club and membership boating might be a perfect add-on.


If membership boating is to become a true challenger within the premium boating segment, it has to deliver a strong premium service. It has to build a confidence of quality which will make most customers prefer membership boating to traditional ownership simply because it will give more enjoyment in a much smarter way.


Our first members are witnesses of this and the following areas are key to differentiate from normal boat clubs and to build a brand and service which will challenge boat ownership. But as mentioned, it is different so one should not claim that one is better than the other. It depends on the needs of the customer.


Key criteria to build a strong service/brand/reputation;


– Trust and quality

o Member Satisfaction index (4,9/5 seven years in a row)

o Boat condition at check-in (ytd 98,54% being 4 or 5 stars – excellent)


– Availability

o 99,82% in July (only 1 out of 552 booking intents were not solved)


– Booking possibilities

o 1h – 1 day – 1 week or even 1 month – no restrictions vs ownership


– Pride of being a member

o Strong brand with premium boats – different from all other Clubs

o Feeling of smart – being able to book different boats depending on needs

o Having access to cool boats in the best locations world-wide – being different


– Growing environmental awareness

o Choosing the best boat for the purpose

o Having access to the absolutely latest within electrical boating

o Being part of a circular economy concept – making a statement


For all of the above to happen and work like a clock, the comprehensive Onboarding is a must and should instill a certain pride of the member base.

As the Agapi Boat Club booking concept mirrors a modern boat life, there are no restrictions to how you can book the boat. You can book the boat 1 h, 1 day, 1 week or even 1 month and depending on your membership, it will be included, or a certain extra cost must be paid (Extra days). For new regions with a limited number of boats, the above possibilities could be limited initially. Please check with your home region.

Both yes and no. Most of our members are quite experienced boaters and we have a certain focus on the premium segments where you need to have some experience to be able to use the boats yourself (we have captains as well to support you initially). But we do also focus on the new boating generation welcoming members with no experience as we can give the required support and guide the member into an amazing boating life in a safe and structured way. We do require a basic formal navigation license where exceptions can be made for people with a long and solid boating background (in Sweden and Finland for example, no license is required up to boats 12 m length….).


Regardless of experience, the most important aspect is the right attitude and really buying into our Club culture explained in “The Agapi Way”, a comprehensive manual which is a part of the onboarding. The only way to maintain a premium service is through responsible and respectful members.

As we have different kind of memberships, the best thing is to book an e-meeting with one of our certified Agapi Sales ambassadors to better understand which membership fit your needs best.

We have regular memberships for normal boating use ranging from approximately 3.000 Euros to 35.000 Euros depending on boat size, region and service levels. The bigger boat category you chose, the better availability and choice as all categories below are included.


For you with only occasional need for boating or not sure about how much you will use the boat, our Pay-As-You-Go (called PayGo) could be perfect as the overall cost goes down and you only pay for what you use. Please read more about PayGo here. The PayGo memberships start from only 1.000 Euros and is a great way to get a taste of Agapi.


For members with a very high usage or needs to have the boat for longer periods, we assist you in making a calculation of how much it would cost to own a PCB (Private Club Boat). Then you choose between a regular membership or investing in a PCB (becoming a full-fledged member as well).