At the heart of Agapi’s boat offering is a thoughtfully curated selection of premium boats designed to accommodate a diverse range of needs, skills, and the various waters across different regions and weather conditions. Our commitment to providing a boat for every need empowers our members to actively plan and optimize their trips. You can choose the ideal boat for each specific occasion, considering factors such as size, functionalities, type of engine, and consumption levels.

To facilitate this personalized experience, each of our boat models is assigned to an Agapi Boat Category (A, B, C, or D primarily based on size). Members enjoy the flexibility to select their favourite boat or category that best suits their needs and boating skills. Furthermore, once you select your Boat Category, you will also have access to the boats in smaller categories, allowing for an unprecedented versatility and an enhanced boating experience.

Access to all boats and locations. Zero hassle. Memberships from 2.500€ a year

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