Power meets design

The Anytec A27c is equipped with a Yamaha engine with 300 HP, which makes a top speed of 45 knots possible. Compared to the Anytec A27 Open, the cabin version comes with a bigger tank volume (460 l) that allows for extra-long trips at sea. The boat’s navigation system (Simrad) combines a multi-touch plotter with a highly reliable 4G Broadband Radar.
Safe cruising guaranteed!

Boat information

Length: 8.43m

Beam: 2.55m

Draft: 0.61m

Passengers: 8

Berth: 0

Boat location: Sweden, Finland

Model: Yamaha

Type: Single

Output: Max 300 hp

Fuel tank: 460 litres

Top speed: 45 knots


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