Why a Business membership?

Business membership

Combines access to unlimited boating with business in a unique way. In addition to access to our fleet and exciting events, Business members receive a comprehensive boating education through Agapi Academy. This membership is ideal if you have a small or medium-large company and would like to;

  • Enhance a business opportunity, offer an unforgettable event, value networking, or want to socialise with customers and employees in a marine environment.
  • Offer a unique benefit to your team members.

Benefits with an Agapi Business membership

  • Access to premium boats all year round.
  • A boat for every need – choose boat based on your business venue.
  • Skipper services if you wish to fully focus on your customers, we take care of everything around the boat.
  • Personal service when booking a boat and when Checking-in/out.
  • Recommended destinations for lunches, dinners or conferences.
  • Invitation to a number of special events during the year.


Business PayGo

Tailored for your particular business needs, this plan offers total control of your costs and on-demand access to our fleet without the commitment of a traditional membership. Agapi offers a Business PayGo trial package to companies from 5,000 EUR (excl. VAT) including Agapi Cash-points to go boating for and our Onboarding course.

You can upgrade to a Business membership at any time and this amount will be deducted.

How do I become a member?

Once you understand the vast possibilities you will be positively surprised! We encourage you to book an online meeting with us so we can help you find your ideal membership plan. Book your meeting here.

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