About us

Unlimited boating all year round.
Premium boats. Attractive harbours. All included.

Sustainability at heart

To transform boating into a more sustainable industry long term is one of Agapi Boat Club’s core missions, and we do this by looking at the entire ecosystem, starting from the modern boater, boat manufacturers, the marinas and the environment. As we combine our sharing concept for premium boating with the introduction of electrical boats, we continue to drive the disruption and acceleration of a sustainable business model in the boating sector.

Agapi’s story

Agapi is an old Greek word for love. We named our business for our love of the sea, boating, and nature. Since the start, Agapi’s vision is to create a whole new type of boating life focusing on freedom, simplicity and environmental friendliness. We do this by challenging traditional thinking around boating based on more than 10 years of boat charter experience and inspired by our own insights from boat ownership. Today, Agapi is at the forefront in the area of sharing economy in boating, with a concept based on simple booking routines, a strong focus on enjoying and unique membership to a hassle-free boating life.

Start an Agapi Boat Club Centre

Agapi’s future is bright and we want you on board to share it. The boating world is on the cusp of a massive transformation as new business models based on sharing and usership are taking over ownership. Modern boaters don’t see themselves any longer spending time and money buying, fixing and maintaining a boat for the little use they make of it. This is your chance to take the helm and help us lead the change to something new, exciting, profitable, accessible, and sustainable. We are looking for partners with the right core values to join us driving this change.

Commercial Club Boat

Apart from becoming a member of our Club, Agapi offers you alternative ways to have a boat. You can choose between investing in a Club boat or letting your own boat be part of our fleet. The first option is a smart way to transform an expensive hobby into a savvy investment. A large share of the Agapi Boat Club fleet is funded by our members. The reason is simple, we offer you the opportunity for a uniquely rich boating life on highly attractive terms. Letting your own boat be part of our Club fleet allows you to enjoy a boating life in a smarter setup. This is a fantastic way for you to both have your own boat and at the same time enjoy all the benefits of becoming a part of Agapi Boat Club’s international network.

A boating community with the best partners

Let us do the job, your only task is to enjoy your boating life. Agapi Boat Club partners with the best global industry players to make your boating as safe and problem-free as possible. This includes premium boat brands, top engine manufacturers, latest plotters and radars as well as life-saving boat accessories. On the other hand, we also partner with the best local lifestyle players to offer you as much fun and excitement on your boating outing.
Starting from the careful choice of location and the Marinas where we establish our Centres, restaurants nearby, training courses and fun events, to our experienced and service minded Agapi Team always happy to help you at all times. Agapi Boat Club is much more than going out with the boat, it is a boating community of boaters with minds-alike with a deep love and respect for boating!

Boats for sale

Agapi Boat Club’s fleet consists of the best boat brands in different segments such as Anytec, DeAntonio Yachts, Saxdor and of course our own brand Agapi. We manage them in our Club fleet and after 1-5 years we replace them with new ones, we call these boats “Agapi Approved Club Boats”. As we continuously update our fleet across all our harbours, we have a number of Approved Club boats for sale in different countries.