Commercial Club Boat

Invest in a Club boat or let your own boat be part of our fleet

Invest in a Club boat

A way to transform the chore of owning a boat into a fun investment

Financing a boat in the Agapi Boat Club transforms an expensive hobby into a savvy investment. A large share of the Agapi Boat Club fleet is funded by our members. The reason is simple. Agapi offers the opportunity for a uniquely rich boating life on highly attractive terms – year over year.

A four-year loan is repaid at 10% per year and then either fully repaid or renewed. During the loan period, we pay you an attractive interest rate and you get the opportunity to take out an Agapi Boat Club membership on very favourable rates, giving you access to a range of high-performance premium boats, jet skis, and exclusive water sports items – not only in Sweden, but across our growing international club network.

Your benefits



You get an attractive interest rate and a very favourable membership, with effectively unlimited exclusive boating and a wide range of premium boats and water sports around the world.


As a member of Agapi Boat Club, you will be part of an exclusive and fast-growing international boat club with operations in over five countries.


You get access to an ever-expanding range of premium boats, jet skis, electric surfboards, and more. Every year we add new boats and equipment.


You get a boating life completely free from all the negative aspects of boat ownership. All the work, service, and commitments that come with owning a boat are handled by Agapi. All the fun and none of the tedium.

Your boat as a part of our fleet

A way to have your own boat in a smarter setup

Let your own boat be a part of the market’s most exclusive Boat Club. This is a unique way for you, wherever you live, to both have your own boat and become a part of Agapi Boat Club’s international network. There are two ways: either you buy one of our used, meticulously cared-for club boats, or you buy a new boat from one of our partners – the dealers for the brands we have in the fleet.

Whatever you choose, you get a whole new way to have a boat. First, it means that all those things that normally give boat owners grief either disappear or get vastly easier. Second, you become part of Agapi Boat Club’s own marine world. You get access to high-performance, premium boats and exclusive water sports devices – not just at home, but in multiple locations around the world.

Your benefits



You moor your boat in one of our ports or at your own jetty. Hassle-free boating. Access to Agapi’s professional services for everything up to full service, insurance, and winter storage.


Enjoy all the benefits from a membership in Agapi Boat Club. You become part of an exclusive, fast-growing international boat club, active in more than five countries.


Our Private Club boat offering is probably the smartest way to own a boat. Our revenue sharing system means when you aren’t using the boat, it can be earning you money.


Lower financial risk as you get the dual opportunity to buy a boat below market price and sell it for a predefined sum. You can also exchange it for other boats from Agapi’s fleet.

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Access to all boats and locations. Zero hassle. Memberships from 2.500€ a year

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