Thinking of an Agapi? With us, you can get access to a whole fleet, in multiple locations world wide and all services included for a hassle-free boat life. All dreams included.


Agapi from 45.000sek/year

Membership boating

An Agapi Boat Club membership offers you a completely hassle-free premium boating life with full access to multiple boats and all locations worldwide.

Invest in an Agapi

Smart Boat owning

Invest in one of our Club boats and enjoy the benefits of ownership with no financial risk, as you also enjoy unlimited boating in multiple locations, access to our other boats and a more convenient boating life.

Why have one boat when you can have a fleet?

Go boating from any of our locations worldwide

Learn more about SMART boating

Customise your ideal boating life

Access to all boats and locations. Zero hassle. Memberships from 2.500€ a year

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