Discover Business PayGo

Tailored for corporate boating needs, this unique plan offers on-demand access to our fleet without the commitment of a traditional membership.

Global Fleet Access

Explore a diverse range of our global fleet.

Effortless Convenience

Premium and worry-free boating all year round.

Premium Maintenance

Enjoy professionally serviced boats with easy online booking.


Business PayGo

Agapi offers a Business PayGo trial package to companies for 50,000 sek (excl. VAT) for which you get 62,500 Cash-points that enable you to book premium boats all year round, such as Axopar 37 XC, Candela C8, XShore as well as our Club winner, the Anytec 27 Cabin.
You can upgrade to a Business membership at any time and this amount will be deducted.
In addition to this, we offer Captain service, and conference packages, to destinations such as Grinda and Sandhamn, as well as lectures on the future of boating and our view on the electrification of the world’s leisure boat fleet.
Our Agapi Onboarding is of course included in this package.
Access to all our harbours in warmer waters (Mallorca, Malta, Ibiza, Marbella, Menorca) is also included in Business PayGo.

Bild av X Shore Eelex 8000-elbåt på vattnet som visar dess stora storlek, eleganta design och rymliga interiör med gott om sittplatser för passagerare.

Access to all boats and locations. Zero hassle. Memberships from 2.500€ a year

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