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Imagine one Membership, one Club network, in more than 10 countries with the most attractive locations. Imagine access to the latest of the Axopar model series as well as other premium boat brands and the latest technology within the development towards electrical boating. Imagine this global network growing every month in all continents and waiting to welcome you to new waters in a completely new way. This is the future of boating.  

Launching in January 2024

Agapi and Axopar is presenting the first ever Global Membership allowing not only all the existing and new Axoparians (Axopar owners) but also welcoming new members from all over the world to go boating in any of our club locations.  

how does it work?



E-learning tutorials and meeting with the team to learn the ways of the club community, our boats and procedures


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first trip

For your first trip you go 1-2h with an experienced captain to make sure that you know how to handle the boats and procedures

Global Boating on Demand

3.500 Euros for the first year (12 months memberships) including 20.000 cashpoints to be used to book a boat in any of the Agapi Boat Club regions worldwide (number of trips depends on boat model, season and region).

For the following years, the annual fee is 2.000 Euros whereof 10.000 cashpoints is included for each year.


Most frequent questions and answers

The Global PayGo membership is a membership focusing on people who wish to join the Club but in no specific existing Agapi Boat Club region. This could be a great complement to boat owners, for example all Axopar owners world-wide, who wish to access “their” boats or other premium brands in other locations. It could also be great for people not owning boats but simply wish to have access to a premium international Club which will support them wherever they go boating. This membership could be compared to high-end occasional charter, but it is based on the same strict Agapi Onboarding to secure a premium service and assuring the boats will be used by approved members for the best of all parties. 

The Global Membership is based on the family of memberships called PayGo (Pay-As-You-Go) which means a low annual fee and where you pay for each trip. In the start-up package of 3.500 Euros, it is included 20.000 so called cashpoints (at a value of 2.000 Euros) which could be used for three trips with an Axopar 22 or one booking with an Axopar 37. The actual price for a booking depends on boat category, destination and season. For more information about the Pay-Go pricing please click here.

If you want to go boating more than the initial “bank” of cashpoints, you simply book and pay in the app.  

For all PayGo members, there is a mandatory deposit of 1.500 Euros in the beginning of the membership which will be paid back once the membership ends. Added is also a local fee of 250 Euros paid to the Agapi region where you will do the practical test (your first booking). 

This membership is based on the same Agapi Onboarding as all other memberships. 

You will get access to the boat category of your experience and skills where you can get personal training and support from Agapi. You can also book bigger boats than your approval level but then with a captain.  

The membership runs for a year, but the cashpoints can roll-over if you have not used them during the first year. The renewal fee for each new year is 2.000 Euros including 10.000 Euros of boating (value 1.000 Euros).  

It is simple.  


You simply book a meeting or register your interest, so you get in contact with one of our international sales mentors to assure you fully understand the potential, and requirements, of this membership. This meeting normally takes around 30 minutes and is a great way to get to know each-other. Agapi Boat Club is a personal international Club and not a click-and-go boat club, so this meeting is an important first step.  

You will then sign a digital contract and pay the yearly fee and deposit (or, if this was bundled with your boat purchase, only the deposit). This will kick-start the Agapi Onboarding which is an appreciated learning journey of 2-4 hours (depending on your experience) consisting of a series of E-learning courses and a final Teams meeting with your Agapi mentor. You will then have access to the app where you quickly can access all the Agapi destinations. 


Even though you can book a boat, you cannot leave until the Agapi Onboarding is finished. The final part is in the destination of your first booking and with one of our local staff, you will do a practical test to get your final Agapi Merit (based on your experience, formal education and skills – very much like a golf handicap) and then you are free to go. This has a one-time fee of 250 Euros and includes 2-3 hours. This fee is paid locally. 

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