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Discover the maritime charm of La Spezia through a captivating boating experience. Nestled along the enchanting Italian Riviera, La Spezia offers a scenic playground for maritime enthusiasts. Sail through the cerulean waters of the Gulf of Poets, framed by lush hillsides and charming coastal towns. Explore hidden coves, historic harbors, and the iconic Cinque Terre coastline. Whether you’re in search of tranquil seascapes or vibrant waterfront life, boating in La Spezia promises a delightful blend of Mediterranean beauty, cultural richness, and nautical allure.

Our Agapi Boat Club Italy main office is located in Porto Lotti in the La Spezia Gulf which is one of the most exclusive tourist ports in Italy. Agapi Boat Club makes boating in our gulf easily accessible and stress-free. Get onboard and enjoy boating like never before.

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Axopar 22 Spyder
Boat Category A
Axopar 25 Cross Bow
Boat Category B
Axopar 29 Sun-Top
Boat Category B
Axopar 37 Sun-Top
Boat Category C

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Porto Lotti
Viale San Bartolomeo 394
19126 La Spezia, Italy

Information and Sales
Jacopo Gazerro
+39 351 903 8743  

Fleet Manager
Alberto Canali
+39 346 700 8517

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