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The Palma International Boat Show
28 – 28 April 2024

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Agapi Routes
As a member of Agapi Boat Club you get instant access to a continued growing number of pre-loaded and amazing boating routes in the palm of your hand. Our recommended destinations are always located around our harbours, some well-known, others more of hidden gems. Everything from natural harbours, seal colonies, restaurants and snorkelling sites. Just one click and you are on your way to a destination you’ve never visited before. Safe and fun!

The Agapi destinations are shared as markers in the Navionics App for digital navigation so you will have your navigation equipment always at hand. A quick guide to Navionics is found in the Agapy Academy E-learning platform.


Refer a friend to the Agapi Boat Club, and both of you can enjoy the rewards of our exclusive Friend Reward Program.

Introduce a friend to the Agapi Boat Club, and together, embark on a mutual journey of adventure boating. It’s a win-win scenario where not only, both you and your friend will reap financial benefits, but you’ll also share in the joy of being parts of our vibrant boating community.

Let’s continue building our strong Club culture by welcoming like-minded boaters into Agapi!

Go boating from any of our harbours worldwide