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Customize your ideal boating life, including our biggest offer yet – Business PayGo.

Unlimited boating

1 hour, 1 day, 1 week or 1 month. Our offering mirrors a modern boating life and no restrictions. A regular membership includes unlimited boating with no extra cost.

Premium boats

A wide choice of boats where
you always can try the latest models. Our cooperation
with Axopar, Candela and X Shore gives you the opportunity to try state-of-the art electrical boats.

Easy booking

Everything in one single
membership and in a user-friendly and native iOS/
Android app. You are only one click away from an
unforgettable boat trip!

How do I become a member?

Becoming a member is very easy. Simply follow these steps to join our vibrant community:


Your ideal boating life with Agapi Boat Club

Choose between a Regular, a Business or a PayGo membership based on your boating preferences and needs.

A membership at Agapi Boat Club ensures you unforgettable moments at sea! to match your unique desires.


Customize your membership plan

Customize your membership plan by selecting from a wide range of boat models and services.

We offer boat categories from A-D, and service levels from Bronze-Gold. We have something for every need.


Book your onboarding

All members go through our personal onboarding in two phases. First an e-learning to learn all about ‘The Agapi Way’, our routines, values, the boats and tips for a fun and safe boating life.

Second, a personal meeting with one of our staff members to make sure that you are all set to go boating!

About Us

An exclusive boating lifestyle is now accessible for more

Agapi Boat Club gives access to a new dimension of membership boating for more people. Members enjoy a boating life that combines flexibility, quality and financial predictability. As a members you get access to a fleet of premium boats in the sizes of 6-14 metres, which can be booked for a spontaneous one-hour trip or for entire month. You can also enjoy access to our +30 harbours across our global network in 6 countries (and counting). All this in a worry-free way since we take care of all the hassle around boating.

Welcome to the future of boating! All year-round in multiple harbours and an amazing selection of top boat brands with the latest technology and design. The Agapi Boat Club concept is simply a better, smarter and more sustainable way of boating.

Miles traveled by boats in our fleet
Boat trips by our members in 2023 so far
Hours spent servicing boats by our incredible staff
Unique boats in our fleet worldwide

Our Impact

Boating Community

We welcome both experienced
boaters and beginners to our growing community. Attractive destinations, boating tips, best practices and a strong focus on learning are some ingredients of our shared culture enabling our members to develop regardless of their initial experience.

Sustainable Boating

Our mission is to make leisure boating more sustainable. We do this by executing on our sustainability strategy, integrating e-boats into our fleet, and focusing on boat brands that share the same mission.

Why join agapi boat club?

High customer satisfaction and excellent availability

Our member satisfaction rating shows a steady 4,9 out of 5 and thanks to our smart booking system and excellence in operation, we reached an impressive 99,82% availability in July 2023.

Superior value

Agapi Boat Club delivers value and freedom in a way never before seen in boating, combined with the possibility to renew your membership annually based on your changed needs.

Membership types

Discover our trio of membership options, along with our new PayGo Business.

Business PayGo

We currently have a special offer, Business PayGo, which is available all throughout fall!


As a PayGo member, you only pay a small annual fee and then you pay each time that you use the boat.

Our PayGo pricing scheme depends on the boat category and the location.

If you think that you will use the boat more than seven times per year, based on our calculations it is more cost-effective to subscribe to our regular Club membership.

PayGo is ideal if you:

• Have a busy life and want occasional access to a premium boating service in attractive locations.

• Are not really sure about how much they will use the boat and through this membership can enjoy a cost-effective trial period.

Business PayGo

During fall 2023, Agapi offers a trial package to companies that we call Business PayGo. For only 50,000 sek (ex. VAT) you get 62,500 cashpoints to use to book the market’s most prestigious boats including Axopar 37 XC, Candela C8, Xshore as well as our Club winner from 2022, Anytec 27 Cabin which is available all year round!
If you later want to upgrade to a regular Business membership, we deduct this amount!
In addition to this, we also offer captain service, and ready-made conference packages throughout the autumn to both Grinda and Sandhamn, as well as lectures on the future of boating and our view on the electrification of the world’s leisure boat fleet.
“Members only” and our own onboarding to become a member is included in this package.
PS. Access to all our ports in warmer waters (Mallorca, Malta, Ibiza, Marbella, Menorca) is included in Business PayGo.

Access to all boats and locations. Zero hassle. Memberships from 2.500€ a year

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