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Xshore – New club boat in Stockholm

Axopar 37 – New Calanova club boat

Ibiza – New location that opens in July

Our incredible partner offers



2 Moorings are marked with an Agapi sign and must be booked no later than 24 hours before arrival and paid according to our tariffs and procedures.
The booking is made via or telephone. 08-54249491 (select guest port)
Wärdshuset, a glass of cava or non-alcoholic alternative when booking a table, state Agapi Boat Club member on site.

Grinda offers a berth for Candela members (staff dock at the far end of the home bay) and electricity (3 phases from cabinet at the pier, you are responsible for cable) when booking arrangements at Grinda



Marholmen is an island located in Roslagen archipelago, with a bridge to the mainland only one hour från Stockholm.
Relaxation or activation, it sums up all things Marholmen offers. As a member you should definitely spend some hours at the location before or after you are booking the Agapi Club boat. Or spend time there anyway. You can stay overnight using all facilities or a couple of hours trying the mini golf, private sauna, spa treatments, lunch or dinner.
Our partnership with Marholmen gives you 5% discount on room bookings. Ask your Club Manager for unique code.



As member you get 15% discount on courses and literature. Ask your Club Manager for unique code.



Agapi Members get a special offer for Lounge Membership and Conference Bookings.

The Conference rooms includes high speed internet services, projectors and whiteboard, coffee/the and possibilities for breakfast and lunch. 

Central station

Conference Rooms
4 pers: 300 SEK/hour (list price 550 SEK/hour)
6 pers: 400 SEK/hour (list price 650 SEK/hour)
8 pers: 500 SEK/hour (list price 750 SEK/hour)
10-12 pers: 900 SEK/hour (list price 1200 SEK/hour)

Lounge Membership
Access 1 day/week: 2000 SEK/month (-20%)
Access 2 days/week: 3000 SEK/month (-20%)
Access 5 days/week: 5000 SEK/month (-20%)


4 pers: 550 SEK/hour (list price 750 SEK/hour)
10 pers: 900 SEK/hour (list price 1200 SEK/hour)

Lounge Membership
Access 1 day/week: 3000 SEK/month (-20%)
Access 2 days/week: 4000 SEK/month (-20%)
Access 5 days/week: 6000 SEK/month (-20%)

All lounge memberships have 1 month notice for termination.

For more information regarding No18

For bookings and inquiries contact

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Agapi Routes

As a member of Agapi Boat Club you get instant access to a continued growing number of pre-loaded and amazing boating sites in the palm of your hand! Our recommended destinations are always located around our Agapi Boat Club Harbours, some well known, others more of hidden gems. Everything from natural harbours, seal colonies, restaurants and snorkling sites.
Agapi Routes is simply about sharing favourite destinations between Agapi friends. Just one click and you are on your way to a destination you’ve never visited before. Safe and fun!


The destinations is shared as markers within Navionics App. Navionics is powerful, easy to use and based on professional standards for digital navigation. Once you download the app on your mobile (App Store or Google Play) you will have your navigation equipment always at hand.

When opening the Navionics App, connect to Agapi Boat Club and we will share the markers with you. It is as many as 155 destinations in our current regions.

A quick guide to Navionics App if found in Agapy Academy E-learning.

Bring in a friend?

Dear member of Agapi Boat Club,

Agapi Boat Club boasts, most probably, the strongest quality performance indicators of all boat clubs internationally. The major reason behind these amazing statistics is of course the profile and culture of our members already enjoying a boating where all problems are solved and all dreams are included. What could then be better than having our members get their friends becoming a member?

When you bring a friend to join Agapi Boat Club the reward is:

  • 10% discount on your friends membership.
  • 25% cash-point compensation for you as the existing member. To be used 100% for upgrades or 50% for renewals. (details regarding cashpoints and referrals in Agapi Way).
  • A unique day trip with the revolutionary and most likely the world’s most advanced 100% electric boat, Candela C-8, in Stockholm with captain.

Please assure to inform your friend to inform us of your tip when they apply for a membership. And then why not invite him to join you for a unforgettible experience 😉.

Only valid during 2023. Only applicable for memberships from Silver, Category A and above in value. Not applicable for UK Members (Contact for alternative local offer).