For you who is looking for a complementary membership to your own boat ownership, not really sure how much you will use the boat or perhaps only wants to try out Agapi Boat Club, our PayGo membership could be the perfect solution. As the name indicates, it is a membership based on Pay-As-You-Go where you normally buy one of our packages of 3.000 – 6.000 Euros and then automatically get a bank of cashpoints to be used for each booking. Alternatively, you only pay for the Agapi Onboarding and yearly fee of 2.000 Euros and then pay each time you book the boat. 


Based on the same Agapi Onboarding as Regular Memberships, this membership gives you the same possibilities in terms of access to the most attractive destinations worldwide as well as to the complete fleet of premium boats. It also allows unlimitied boating where each booking will reduce your cashpoints depending on boat, region and season. If you would run out of cashpoints, you can always fill up in your app using your credit card, or, as many members have realized, upgrade to a Regular Membership where your initial payment for the PayGo Membership is reduced from the yearly fee. 


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Regular Membership

PayGo Membership

Business Membership