Agapi Boat Club at Allt på Sjön Boat Show

by Agapi Boat Club

Welcome to visit us

at Gustavsberg’s Boat Show in Stockholm

September 2-4

Welcome to meet us at Allt på Sjön in Gustavsberg, Sweden’s largest floating boat fair. A unique and well-attended boat fair in Gustavsberg’s finest harbour.
We will show two of our boats that are part of our fleet and boat sharing service, a Saxdor 320 and a Finnmaster T9.
We’d be happy tell you more about all the benefits of subscribing to an Agapi Boat Club membership. Imagine to just being able to enjoy unlimited days at sea as you avoid all the hassle around boating.

Not much can stop you from visiting Allt på Sjön, the fair offers free parking and free entrance!

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