Bring in a friend

by Agapi Boat Club

Dear member of Agapi Boat Club,

Agapi Boat Club boasts, most probably, the strongest quality performance indicators of all boat clubs internationally. The major reason behind these amazing statistics is of course the profile and culture of our members already enjoying a boating where all problems are solved and all dreams are included. What could then be better than having our members get their friends becoming a member?

For 2023, Agapi has launched an international Bring in a friend-campaign where Agapi will offer:

• 10% cash-point compensation for both the existing member as well as the friend (as per the routines in The Agapi Way 2023)

• A unique day trip with the revolutionary and most likely the world’s most advanced 100% electric boat, Candela C-8, in Stockholm with captain. Flight ticket for one person to Stockholm included.

• A 2h personal on-boarding on this boat where you will learn how to fly with a boat. A total new experience is promised.

Please assure to inform your friend to inform us of your tip when they apply for a membership. And then why not invite him to join you for a unforgettible experience 😉.

Only valid during 2023. Only applicable for memberships from Silver, Category A and above in value. Not applicable for UK Members (Contact for alternative local offer).

Candela C-8 HT
Candela C-8 HT
Candela C-8 HT
Candela C-8 HT

Access to all boats and locations. Zero hassle. Memberships from 2500€ a year

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