Agapi Green Corner

by Agapi Boat Club

The future of boating today

“Agapi Green Corner” is our name for building the required ecosystem with adequate charging capacity for our growing fleet of electrical boats. We are happy to see that more players internationally have understood that the best way for electrification within boating that makes sense is through offering them through Boat Clubs set-ups.

Together with our partners, Port Calanova in Palma de Mallorca and Biskopsudden’s Marina in the heart of Stockholm, at Agapi we are creating the perfect ecosystem to cater for electrical boats and enable them to be enjoyed as they should.

The public interest and media coverage for electrical propulsion on the water is huge and growing fast. Even though the larger players in the boat business agree that the shift from fossil fuel engines to electrical will take longer than the optimistic think. The ten years ahead are being shaped today. This is why Agapi partners with the best e-boating players in both the boat and water toy segments.

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