Welcome to Agapi Boat Club in Långholmen

Långholmen is the perfect starting point for either short trips close to the City or exploring the entire Mälaren. Within Mälaren you can find 7,800 small islands, and average depths is 10 meters. Långholmen canal is very pretty sightseeing and also cruising along Kungsholmen and Södermalm with pit stops by seaside restaurants. Recommended Route are Kungsholmen/Södermalm/Essinge Islands, City Tour. (1h), Drottningholm Castle (1h), Gripsholms Castle/Mariefred Guest harbor & restaurant (1 day)

Anytec A21

Finnmaster T7

Agapi Boat Club Långholmen
Hammarby Marinservice, Mälarvarvsbacken 10
117 33 Stockholm
+46 611 8114

Information and sales
Stefan Höglund
+46 70 758 6007