Welcome to Agapi Boat Club in Sigtuna

Sigtuna harbor is a picturesque one located 40 km north of Stockholm. Old Swedish houses, castles and churches, and a sprinkling of viking rune stones contribute to the sense of history in Sigtuna – the first capital of Sweden founded in the 10th century, its charm has certainly endured. Recommended restaurants by the water: Våfflan or Båthuset at Sigtuna Harbour, Sigtuna Stats Hotel, Plåt Pelles Café. Don’t miss Auntie Brown’s Café (Tant Bruns kaffestuga), and enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee in a warm and charming 17th century setting. This traditional coffee house is almost world wide famous!

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Agapi Boat Club Sigtuna
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193 30 Sigtuna
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