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Embark on a scenic boating escapade in Stockholm, where the city’s archipelago unfolds as a breathtaking maritime haven. Cruise through its waters surrounded by over 30,000 islands, each offering a unique blend of nature and Swedish culture. Explore charming fishing villages, historic landmarks, and secluded bays. The waterways of Stockholm seamlessly blend urban sophistication with natural serenity, providing a boating experience like no other. Whether you’re gliding through the heart of the city or venturing into the peaceful archipelago, boating in Stockholm promises a delightful fusion of cultural richness, scenic beauty, and maritime exploration.

Our main harbor is situated at the picturesque marina of Biskopsudden on Djurgården, right in the heart of the city. It serves as an ideal launching point for exploring the archipelago or the vibrant capital of Stockholm itself. From this location, you can smoothly navigate into the serene waters of Lake Mälaren through a lock, a mere 20-minute journey away. Additionally, in the Stockholm region, we offer a variety of other harbors, strategically positioned to bring you closer to your desired boating destinations.

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Our fleet

Agapi 750
Boat Category A
Anytec A21
Boat Category A
Finnmaster T6
Boat Category A
Husky R7
Boat Category A
Ockelbo B21
Boat Category A
Saxdor 200
Boat Category A
Zodiac 6.8
Boat Category A
Agapi 800
Boat Category B
Anytec 27
Boat Category B
Anytec 27C
Boat Category B
Axopar 28C
Boat Category B
Finnmaster T7
Boat Category B
Quarken 27C
Boat Category B
Quarken 27 TT
Boat Category B
Agapi 950
Boat Category C
Axopar 37 XC
Boat Category C
Candela C-8
Boat Category C
Finnmaster T9
Boat Category C
Saxdor 320 GTC
Boat Category C

Favourite destinations in Stockholm

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Upcoming events

3 – 4 August 2024
Local Boat Show at Grinda. Agapi will participate with boats and invite members to join for a full day of activities. 
Gustavsberg boat show
30 August -1 September 2024
Floating Boat Show at Gustavsberg. Agapi will participate with 2 boats.

Contact us

Agapi Headquarters
Biskopsuddens Marina
Biskopsvägen 7
115 21 Stockholm
+46 8 611 8114

Information and Sales
Stefan Höglund
+46 70 758 6007

Fleet Manager
Erik Wiklund
+46 730872177

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