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A changing world

Consumers are increasingly attracted by companies that put sustainability high on their agendas and the younger generations want to work for environmentally and socially responsible companies.

The boating sector is no exception and it impacts our environment. Smart business models based on sharing and electrification can reduce that impact. As all industries adapt to a changing climate and resource limitations, many are moving toward circular business models which, combined with the advantages of digitalization and the sharing economy, enable resource efficiency and optimization.

Sustainability all the way



Apart from offering total freedom to customers, a business model based on subscription economy is one of the strongest strategies for long term sustainability.


Agapi mirrors the technology development of electrification in boating. We launched our first electrical boat in 2020 and will continue to expand our fleet.


Our versatile fleet offers our members the possibility to choose the boat that best fit their outing, and thus reducing the environmental impact of each boat trip.


Our members enjoy an unprecedented freedom of choice. Agapi’s strategically spread harbours helps save unnecessary travel distance and fuel consumption.

E-powered boats in our fleet

Our ambition is to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable boating by encouraging a change in our members’ boating behaviour. We do this by analyzing member usage data, establishing satellite harbours and expanding of our fleet with E-power boats.



E-power boats in the fleet 2021




Acceleration potential in 2021



E-powered boats in the fleet 2025




Acceleration potential in 2025

Accelerating electrification

Agapi’s transition to E-power boats mirrors the technology development in the boating sector. While the technology available today still has limitations in both range and speed, for many of our members’ needs, these spacious and quiet boats are actually ideal for some of their outings. In fact, our user data shows that 20% of all the trips are in the range of less than 10 n.m., easily covered by our electrical boat.

Agapi’s goal is to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable boating by encouraging a change in behaviour thanks to our usage data analysis and the expansion of our fleet to electrical boats. This is just another way in which Agapi Boat Club offers a smarter and more sustainable boating life than any other company in our sector today.

Better for the environment

By combining our advanced sharing concept for premium boating with the introduction of E-power boats, we are not only adapting to a changing world, but driving the disruption itself and accelerating a sustainable business model in the boating sector.