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Agapi’s own boat school

Agapi Academy is the educational unit within Agapi, with the aim to make boating safer and more fun. The first contact that all our members have with Agapi Academy is during the “Onboarding” training when they become a member. The onboarding is an introduction course to Agapi’s world, our routines and a way to ensure sufficient knowledge and ability to drive our boats in a safe and careful way.

Agapi Academy’s Captain, Lars Weiler

Lars Weiler leads Agapi’s boat school and is responsible for both the onboardings and trainings in Stockholm and for developing and coordinating the education in all our Agapi Centres. In this way we can make sure that we have the same educational quality and standards among our members and that they get the same kick-start to our Boat Club regardless of location. Lars has been active in Agapi since our start in 2008, at that time as captain to our RIB charter business. He is an experienced sailor and captain, with vast knowledge and experience from many different boat types – from RIB to historic torpedo boats and large sailing yachts. Lars has crossed the Atlantic a few times, and in addition to the usual Swedish certifications he also holds an international professional certificate as “Master of Yachts” (200 tons vessels). During off season, Lars works with management consulting and manager recruitment.

The Team behind Agapi Academy

Agapi’s training team is active in all of our Boat Centres and consists of a network of skilled captains, trainers, and boating training companies. All trainers have a thorough knowledge of our Boat Club concept, routines, as well as our booking system and our boats. We follow a common training plan with checklists to ensure that all members receive the same quality of education during their training session regardless of where it takes place.

In the picture: Bengt, Mats, Elisabet, Anna, Lars and Urban

Agapi Academy trainings


1-2 days | 3 000 – 5 000 SEK

The ICC or the Swedish simplified form of “Driver’s Certificate” is a basic requirement for driving our Agapi Club boats, and it is also a legal requirement in many countries, for example in Mallorca. The training is mainly theoretical, and you will learn basic navigation and seaway rules, in other words the traffic rules at sea. The training can be done online, as a two-day course or as a one-day intensive course. The course’s structure can vary depending on location and Agapi members enjoy a special discount.


3h | 4 900 SEK

A three-hour intensive course and mandatory for all new members. The onboarding consists of a hands-on introduction to the boat model included in your membership. The last 30 minutes are set for a brief examination including basic safety questions where the member can also show their navigation skills and ability to handle the boat in a safe and careful way. If more training is needed, we together develop an individual training plan. This extra training is charged as “Personal training”.


2h | 3 200 SEK

The starting point is always the member’s current level, the skill or competence development desired and the goal set for the training. The minimum is two hours of training. Other popular and appreciated forms of personal training is when an Agapi trainer spends half a day at sea with the member’s family and gives advice and tips to the entire crew. The training is not limited to boat handling, but can for example, apply to other forms of seamanship – from basic knots, to how to plan a route and all the things you should keep in mind when coming in to a narrow and windy harbour.


3h | 2 900 SEK

VWe go out with an Agapi Club boat and practice various skills around mooring in a natural harbour. The course includes:

  • Assessment of wind and weather
  • Reading the sea chart’s information and choosing where to moor the boat
  • How to prepare, anchor, interaction with the crew
  • How to moor ashore, use of rock wedges etc.

2h | 3 200 SEK

This is a two-hour course for members who want to upgrade their membership to the Agapi 950 model. The Agapi 950 is a larger boat, and some have twin engines and more equipment all of which we go through during the training. The course ends with a short tour where we practice manoeuvring and mooring.

“Agapi Academy has really boosted my navigation skills. Lars and the team are fantastic!”

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