Memberships for adventure boating

With Axopar x Agapi Boat Club you can get as close as your dream boating life as you ever thought possible. Our members enjoy a worry-free boating life all year-round and unlimited access to a fleet of premium boats in the sizes of 6-14 metres from any of our +30 harbours in more than 12 countries. Axopar x Agapi Boat Club is a smart and sustainable way of boating.

How does it work

1. Choose your membership

Choose between our three types of memberships, Unlimited, PayGo or Business depending on your boating preferences and needs.

2. Customise your plan
Start by choosing between our boat categories based on the boat model and size that you prefer, and then customize your plan by choosing between our different levels of service.
3. Book your onboarding
The Onboarding takes place in three phases, an online training, a personal or virtual meeting with your mentor and lastly, a practical training on the boat with a licensed instructor.

Axopar x Agapi Boat Club Locations

Bay of Saint-Tropez


La Spezia

Costa Brava


Axopar x Agapi Boat Club Fleet

Axopar 22 Spyder
Boat Category A
Axopar 25 Crossbow
Boat Category A
Axopar 25 Cross-Top
Boat Category A
Axopar 28 Cabin
Boat Category B
Axopar 28 T-Top
Boat Category B
Axopar 29 Sun-Top
Boat Category B
Axopar 37 Cabin
Boat Category C
Axopar 37 Sun-Top
Boat Category C


You don’t need to be an experienced boater to join our Club even though most members are. We ensure that every member gets a personalised onboarding and if necessary, boat specific training as well.


Memberships range from EUR 2,000 to 35,000 per year. We can customize your boating membership to align with your specific needs.


As a member you get access to a diverse range of Axopar boats and to the entire Agapi Boat Club fleet across all locations, where we offer a wide selection of other premium brands.


Booking is easy through our user-friendly App that include all the information you need. We offer flexible options allowing bookings from one hour, to one week or one month if you want.


You can join through a so called PayGo family of memberships or, why not, by adding your existing boat to the Club.

For Axoparians worldwide

Axopar x Agapi Boat Club offers an exclusive membership called Global PayGo to all Axopar boat owners worldwide, both existing and future ones. Through this membership, Axoparians can enjoy access to the entire fleet in any of our locations.

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