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Whatever your taste or lifestyle, Menorca is the perfect place to relax and enjoy life on the water.

With 216kms of beautiful coastline, Menorca has much to offer boat lovers. From sandy covers and isolated rocky inlets, to pretty ports and busier beaches with a range of popular activities, there is a location to suit every taste, and all sharing the island’s renowned clear, sparkling, waters.

Menorca has more Calas than all the other Balearic islands together. All types of marine services are available in Mahón, Ciutadella and Fornells. The south coast offers abundant pine groves, white sand and calm turquoise waters. The northern coastline is more rugged and rocky than the south, but no less beautiful and still with plenty of scenic anchorages.

There is simply no better way to discover the charm and magnificence of Menorca’s coast than becoming a member of Agapi Boat Club.

“Agapi Club makes my boating experience so much simpler, and I can focus on what I prefer – which is actually driving the boat.”

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Imagine having access to a new boat every year with the latest technology. Imagine your boat being at the dock, cleaned, filled up, and ready to go all year round! And moreover, imagine being able to go boating in a variety of beautiful harbours in multiple locations.

This is what Agapi Boat Club can offer you. Just fill in the contact form and we will be in touch with you soon!

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