Welcome to Agapi Boat Club in Saltsjöbaden

In Saltsjöbaden Agapi has it’s own “Agapi dock”. It is a very beautiful mooring spot in the inner part of Hotellviken just in front of the traditional Grand Hotel. Saltsjöbaden is part of Nacka, and situated about 45 km east of central Stockholm. Most of the moorings are owned by KSSS, Sweden’s largest and oldest sailing association, who have great influence of the harbor as well as the area.

Agapi 800

Finnmaster T6

Agapi Boat Club Saltsjöbaden
Hotellviken, Hotellvägen
133 35 Stockholm
+468 611 8114

Information and sales
Stefan Höglund
+4670 758 6007

Access to all boats and locations. Zero hassle. Memberships from 2500€ a year

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