Agapi Routes

by Alejandra Levinas Asplund

Agapi Routes

One of the really cool aspects of our Agapi Boat Club concept

When the dream of Agapi started all the way back in 2006, it was all about getting much more out of boating. Then, we called it “A richer boating life”, over time it has now evolved into what we call “A better, smarter and more sustainable boating life”. We wanted to break free from the limitations of traditional boat ownership with so much hassle and so little true enjoyment and instead bring to life a completely new way of boating.

One of the key drivers and criteria behind our idea behind creating the first Agapi boat, was that it would be easy trailerable. This opened up new horizons for boaters and enabled people to bring their boats to new attractive waters. In other words, to explore and discover new waters. To get more out of boating without burning tons of fuel.

The experiences we gained from towing our own Agapi boat all the way from Sweden to some of the most beautiful and exclusive boating sites across Europe, was truly mind blowing with amazing memories from the fjords of Norway, Venice, the lakes of Italy and Switzerland to the islands of Rab and Sardinia. Check out a short video we did in 2014, at that time still only focusing on the Agapi boats;

But we realized few people will go through the hassle and trailer large boats across Europe. And honestly, given the little overall usage of the boats, few people would justify such high expenditures for a couple of weeks of excitement.

 It is based on the above insight that the Agapi Boat Club concept was born and what we call Agapi Routes. Instead of towing your own boat to a certain boating site, we are creating a network of satellite Agapi harbours where our boat fleet is accessible to all our members all year round. An unprecedented boating life where you go boating with your “own boat” wherever you go. This is possible as we have the same routines and an harmonized fleet of boats across all harbours with a few local boat brands to cover local boating needs.

This vision is now a reality with more than 25 harbours in 5 different countries and counting. It is this experience we want to share with all our existing, as well as future, members, since this is truly so much fun and energizing. But to remove all stress and make sure your visit to a completely new harbour is a joyful and relaxing, we have created an ecosystem to assist in all ways. We call this Agapi Routes and through our booking system, you can easily get all the information you need to safely navigate and get to know new waters, both domestically and internationally.

Where is the harbour? Where to park? Where to go with the boat? Where to fuel up or empty the black tank? All these aspects are taken care by us at Agapi to make sure our members get a comprehensive support and can fully focus on enjoying their boat trip. Our integration with Navionics navigation app is now up and running and navigation has never been safer than now!

Our vision for Sweden 2025 is to have a boat in at least five lakes and in all of the coastal regions to enable our members, both in Sweden and from abroad, to truly explore Sweden from the water. As it used to be some 1000 years ago…. We are doing this by integrating in one single fleet of Club boats a perfect mix of our own Club boats, of our franchise partners as well as privately owned local boats.

Welcome to join us in this quest and enjoy some photos we took from an amazing road trip during the summer 2021.

First stop – Vadstena

Clear waters, amazing sand shores and such a cozy village and cultural heritage. Great harbour, great services and possibilities for both staying over in the guest harbour or exclusive alternatives as Klosterhotellet.

Ombo Islands, a gem in the second largest lake of Sweden, Vättern.

Second stop – Näset, Gothenburg

Swedish West coast. Narrow archipelago and quickly open and “real” sea. Great harbour. Easy parking. Boats in excellent condition thanks to great partners.

Vinga light house. One of the classics along the West Coast where the famous Evert Taube was raised.

Third stop – Marstrand

Starting from the outer archipelago so close to fantastic locations. Convenient harbour and great parking. 10 minutes from Marstrand center.

Pater Noster, another classic destination and over-night in a protected bay. 25 degrees in the water and 30 in the air. Almost unbelievable.

Fourth and last stop – Tanumstrand

Perfect location in the northern Swedish West coast. Great harbour and possibilities to combine a visit to TanumStrand by Sea (large spa/hotel) and amazing boating.

Visit to a third classical destination as far west you can come in Sweden, Väderöarna.

Quick stop to another very popular place, Gluppö, where you can stay for days.

Alejandra Levinas Asplund

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